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April 22 Update: Federal Spending Critic Cites Defense Waste, Capability Problems

April 22, 2010
Winslow T. Wheeler

Winslow T. Wheeler

Winslow Wheeler, a leading critic of federal waste, today critiqued the Defense Department’s trillion-dollar budget on the DC Update edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio.  On the show, he amplified his call April 21 to suspend production of the F-35 fighter.  Hear today’s radio show in a nationally-available archive by clicking Live! (

Wheeler, author of America’s Defense Meltdown: Pentagon Reform for President Obama and the New Congress, described the nation’s most expensive military procurement as producing fighters deeply flawed and thus a waste.  Also, he reviewed an essay this week, Our Trillion Dollar Defense Budget, by fellow National Journal commentator George Wilson.  Among Wheeler’s own National Journal essays are: 2010 Will Be The Year Of….What? and Containment Succeeded and Pre-emption Failed — Time For A New National Strategy? As a Senate staffer, Wheeler worked on hundreds of bills and amendments.  These included the War Powers Act, and many proposals to reform DOD procurement and require more realistic weapons tests. 

Update’s co-hosts are business radio pioneer Scott Draughon and Washington commentator Andrew Kreig.  The hosts began the show with an overview of Washington policy news affecting the nation’s business, politics and quality of life.  Mac listeners need “Parallels” to enable a Windows Media Player.

About Winslow Wheeler

Winslow T. Wheeler worked on national security issues for 31 years for the U.S. Senate and General Accounting Office (GAO).  In the Senate, Wheeler worked for Jacob Javits, R-N.Y., Nancy Kassebaum, R-Kansas, David Pryor, D-Arkansas, and Pete Domenici, R-New Mexico.  He was the first, and according to Senate records the last, Senate staffer to work simultaneously on the personal staffs of a Republican and a Democrat (Sens. Pryor and Kassebaum). Among his books, Wheeler authored The Wastrels of Defense: How Congress Sabotages U.S. Security, published by the U.S. Naval Institute Press. He is director of the Straus Military Reform Project at the Center for Defense Information and is a research fellow at the Independent Institute .

About Scott Draughon and My Technology Lawyer Radio Show

Richard Scott Draughon is host and producer of the My Technology Lawyer Radio Show, which is affiliated with ─ an on-demand legal service.  Also, he is author of the 2007 book, “The Art of the Business Radio Show” and is an experienced litigator.  Details

About Andrew Kreig

Andrew Kreig, an attorney and author, is executive director of the Justice Integrity Project in Washington, DC. Earlier, he led the Wireless Communications Association International as CEO from 1996 to 2008 in its worldwide advocacy to establish the broadband wireless industry.  Details.


March 25 Update Hosts Horse-Killing Foes Kerry Wallum, Clay Canfield

March 25, 2010
Country Artist Clay Canfield

Country Artist Clay Canfield

Actor/producer Kerry Wallum and country music artist Clay Canfield are guests March 25 on my DC Update edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio as they describe how they’re using their talents to oppose slaughter of wild horses for meat.

Listeners can access the show nationwide beginning at noon (Eastern Time) via the Live! link, which enables call-in and also archives all shows.

Canfield, who recorded the smash hit “Wild Horses,” is visiting the nation’s capital to sing the song as part of two-hour protest concert outside the White House at Lafayette Park shortly after the radio show.  He is working closely with his friends Wallum, actor-singer Willie Nelson and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) to protect America’s wild horses by supporting legislation in Congress.

Wallum and Nelson recently announced formation of Luck Films, an independent production company based in their native Texas.  Its goal is important entertainment and documentary films independent of the big-dollar studio system.  Nelson recently gave his views on wild horse and burro protection:

I’m a little prejudiced when it comes to horses.  I have always loved them.  I currently have about 68; 25-30 were rescued directly from slaughter.  I got involved eight years ago, when AWI first made me aware that American horses are being slaughtered and shipped overseas for human consumption.  It’s a shame horses ─ or any animal ─ be treated this way when horses are the foundation of America….Folks, please join my family and friends at the Animal Welfare Institute to see how you can help with this important American cause.

I cohost Update with business radio pioneer Scott Draughon, the show’s founder.  We begin the show with an overview of Washington policy news affecting the nation’s business, politics and quality of life.  Topics this week include a special report on the best-selling memoir by former Bush adviser Karl Rove, Courage and Consequences: My Life As A Conservative In The Fight.  As a listener advisory:  Mac listeners need the tool “Parallels” to enable a Windows Media Player.

About Kerry Wallum and Luck Films

Kerry Wallum grew up in Texas, where he performed in rodeos and had his acting debut in a junior high school play.  From stunts to acting, Kerry now has 67 movies under his belt. On March 16, he joined with American music icon Willie Nelson to announce the creative team for Luck Films. Based out of Luck, Texas, the key partners include also writer/director/actor/producer Norman Macera, producer/director Scott McCauley, and producer/director David Von Roehm.  Luck Films will initially produce three to five feature films a year, and will also branch out into producing musical specials, and documentary films for television and subscription internet streaming.  Details.

About Clay Canfield and “Wild Horses”

Country music artist Clay Canfield is an acoustic country/blues solo artist based near Nashville, TN, specializing in original songs.  He is coming to sing at the March for Mustangs! His incredible song “Wild Horses” will be heard at Lafayette Park on March 25 during the 1-3pm Rally. Clay is donating a portion of the proceeds from each sale of this song to Animal Welfare Institute’s work for the wild herds.  Please join Clay on Facebook to hear the music.  Clay will join Wendie Malick, Ginger Kathrens, Hope Ryden, RT Fitch and many more amazing speakers in a unified rally for the wild herds, organized via the Animal Welfare Institute.  Details

About Scott Draughon and My Technology Lawyer Radio Show

Richard Scott Draughon is host and producer of the My Technology Lawyer Radio Show, which is affiliated with ─ an on-demand legal service.  Also, he is author of the 2007 book, “The Art of the Business Radio Show” and is an experienced litigator.  Details

About Andrew Kreig and Justice Integrity Project

Andrew Kreig has co-hosted on the My Technology Lawyer Radio network for three years.  He is an attorney, author and commentator listed in Who’s Who in the World since the mid-1990s. As president of the Wireless Communications Association International for 12 years, he helped lead the advance of the broadband wireless industry worldwide.  Currently, he is executive director of the Justice Integrity Project, which he founded this year to examine misconduct by federal prosecutors and judges and the consequences for the public.  Details.  He is a speaker at 5:30 p.m. on March 25 at a forum hosted by American University in Washington, DC.  Entitled “Just Justice: Political Actions by the Department of Justice,” the two-hour session in Ward Hall 2 features victims and independent experts describing how the public is hurt by politically motivated prosecutions against local officials.

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Dec. 17: DC Radio Hosts Authors Joan Biskupic On Scalia, Richard Wolffe On Obama

December 17, 2009
Authors of major new books on the Supreme Court and Obama Presidency are guests at noon Dec. 17 on DC Update. The My Technology Lawyer Radio network show hosted by Scott Draughon and Andrew Kreig can be heard here. The guests and their books are:
  • Joan Biskupic, USA Today Supreme Court reporter and author of American Original: The Life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The book published Nov. 10 is the first full-scale biography combining the life-story and public impact of the court’s most provocative justice. Scalia provided exclusive interviews to the author.
  • Richard Wolffe, MSNBC analyst and author of Renegade: The Making of a President. The book is the first account of the campaign, based on the author’s work as a Newsweek correspondent covering Obama for 21 months. Wolffe obtained many exclusive interviews with Obama and top aides, providing unparalleled access. Wolffe this month announced a contract for a new book on the administration.

Constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe describes American Original as a “must-read” for anyone the seeking to understand “the most influential and interesting voice of the most powerful movement in contemporary American law.”

With exceptional clarity and research, the author weaves the story: Scalia, a brilliant Nixon administration official, went on to co-found a powerful conservative movement to reorient the judiciary, and was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a 98-0 vote in 1986. He thus became the first justice of Italian-American background and just the sixth Catholic justice in U.S. history. He is now one of six Catholics among the nine on the court. More generally, Scalia’s jurisprudence helped shape our time in such ways as the court’s 5-4 vote ending the 2000 Bush-Gore recount.

Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee describes Wolffe’s book Renegade as, “The first of the President Obama books – and a good one – insightful, thorough, and straight.” Wolff’s book, published June 2, was suggested by the candidate in March 2008. “The resulting volume,” the New York Times wrote in its review, “showcases the author’s access to the candidate, as well as friends, aides and campaign strategists.”

Wolffe’s title Renegade is partly derived from the candidate’s Secret Service nickname. This provides a near-parallel with John McCain’s theme of “Maverick” and Sarah Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue. The book ends with the start of the new Presidency. But the author is well-positioned to comment on current issues that will be included in the DC Update radio interview.

As a listener advisory: Mac computer users need the tool “Parallels” to hear Windows Media Player.

About Joan Biskupic and American Original

Joan Biskupic has covered the Supreme Court since 1989. Before joining USA Today in 2000, she was the Supreme Court reporter for the Washington Post (1992-2000) and legal affairs writer for Congressional Quarterly (1989-1992). She is the author of the 2005 biography Sandra Day O’Connor and co-author of Congressional Quarterly’s two-volume encyclopedia on the Supreme Court (3rd Ed., 1997). She holds a law degree from Georgetown University, a master’s in English from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor’s in journalism from Marquette University. Her new book’s descriptive details via include a five-star rating from all four reviewers so far. Details

About Richard Wolffe and Renegade

Richard Wolffe is an award-winning journalist and political analyst. He is an MSNBC contributor, finishing an interlude as a senior strategist at Public Strategies before his next book. As a columnist for Daily Beast, he broke the story last month, “Obama’s Secret Climate Pact.”  He covered the length of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign for Newsweek magazine. Earlier, he was U.S. diplomatic correspondent and deputy bureau chief for the Financial Times. His book’s descriptive details and reader reviews via, include a 3 ½-star rating from 125 reviewers so far and a four-star rating from 36 Barnes & Noble reviewers.  Details.

About Scott Draughon 

Scott Draughton is an attorney and business radio pioneer who founded the My Technology Lawyer Radio network. Draughon, author of the 2007 book The Art of the Business Radio Show, has long experience also in guiding entrepreneurial success through close attention to the dynamics of the marketplace, law, government policy and effective marketing. Details:

About Andrew Kreig

Andrew Kreig is an investigative reporter, author and attorney who reports frequently about official corruption on such new media sites as Huffington Post, Connecticut Watchdog, Nieman Watchdog and OpEd News. Former president of the Wireless Communications Association International from 1996 to last summer, Kreig is a senior fellow with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University and a research fellow with the Information Economy Project at George Mason University School of Law. His coverage of Supreme Court books includes a 1979 interview with The Brethren co-authors Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong about controversies involving their research methods.

Nov. 19: DC Radio Hosts Health Care Rights Advocate, Russia Intrigue Analyst

November 19, 2009

Congressman Walter E. Fauntroy (1971-1990)

The congressional debate on health care reform and allegations of Russian regime-ordered killings were featured on today’s DC Update edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio.  

This week’s show hosted two courageous participants in events that helped shape our world.  The show is available via the link at, which includes an archive of past shows.  Today’s guests were:

  • The Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy, former Washington, DC Congressman (1971-1990), an advocate of expanded health care as a basic civil right, and an organizer of the 1963 March on Washington and the 1965 civil rights marches in Selma, Alabama.
  • Steve LeVine, the Business Week Washington correspondent who drew on his 11 years work in the former Soviet Union to author the recently published Putin’s Labyrinth: Spies, Murder, and the Dark Heart of the New Russia.

Update is co-hosted by the show’s founder and business radio pioneer Scott Draughon and by Washington commentator Andrew Kreig.  The hosts began the show with an update on Washington policy news affecting the nation’s business, politics and quality of life.  Topics included new developments in the health care battle, and the faith-based business success of the Chic-fil-A restaurant chain.

The show’s first guest helped lead a unique town hall-style hearing on Oct. 27 whereby patients whose insurance had expired testified about their limited options under the nation’s health care system.  In view of a Harvard study estimating 45,000 Americans dying each year because of lack of coverage, Fauntroy argued that basic health care should be considered as civil right under reform legislation. 

The Oct. 27 hearing, including a video of Fauntroy’s eloquent remarks surveying the rise and fall of great nations, was summarized on Nov. 5 by Kreig in a Huffington Post article: “Fans Of House Health Option Cite Rights Hopes, But Risk Big Defeat.”

LeVine’s book Putin’s Labyrinth focuses upon the life-and-death struggles by Russian dissenters to the government dominated by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  LeVine described how six suspicious deaths in recent years of dissenters and others illustrate an alarming long-term pattern in Russian government.

Those patterns arguably continue with this week’s suspicious death in a Russian prison of Sergei Magnitsky, 37.   The prisoner was a Russian lawyer for the Hermitage Fund who had uncovered evidence of official involvement in the theft of $230 million from the government.  

LeVine’s book was originally published last year, and has been re-released in paperback with a new Afterword.

 About the Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy

Walter Edward Fauntroy, 76, is the retired pastor of the New Bethel Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and a civil rights activist.  He is also a former member of the U.S. Congress.  He describes his life work as to advocate public policy that “declares Good News to the poor, that binds up the broken-hearted and sets at liberty them that are bound.”   A close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Fauntroy helped organize the Alabama civil rights marches whose brutal disruption by police in March 1965 shocked the public and federal authorities into introducing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  That law enabled widespread black voting in the Deep South for the first time since Reconstruction. 

About Steve LeVine and Putin’s Labyrinth

Steve LeVine covers foreign affairs for Business Week.  Previously, he was a correspondent for Central Asia and the Caucasus for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for 11 years.  His first book, The Oil and the Glory, a history of the former Soviet Union through the lens of oil, was published in October 2007. Putin’s Labyrinth, his new book, profiles Russia through the lives and deaths of six Russians. Details: