Andrew Kreig, former president of the Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) from 1996 to last summer, returns to writing as the first Washington-based Senior Fellow with the Brandeis University Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism http://www.brandeis.edu/investigate/. Also, he is managing director at Eagle View Capital Strategies, a Washington, DC-based consultancy, and is an affiliated Research Fellow at the Information Economy Project at George Mason University’s School of Law http://iep.gmu.edu/.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. crista Says:

    I have read your article about Don Seigelman and the DoJ. If you only knew how my rights have been violated, and the “DoJ” fluffed me aside, you wouldn’t believe it.

    I cannot believe that we live in such a country to allow what has happened to Don Seigelman. I have followed this man’s story since 2005.

    • Andrew Kreig Says:

      Hi Crista:
      Thanks for writing. What was the problem. Please write in confidence. I can’t promise to resolve it, but I can certainly keep you in the loop of my developing information sources of similar problems, and those like me thinking of creative ways to resolve such issues.

      • crista Says:

        Dear Mr. Kreig,

        How do I contact you? What I have to say should probably be

        Thanks for your reply.


  2. Crista Says:

    Hi Mr. Kreig,

    I was injured at work in 2004, (neck, back, shoulders). After filing w.c. claims, my former employer (big corporation) compromised my identity, used collosion and subtrafuge, and nearly murdered me. I filed with EEOC, received right to sue, no attorney would take it without a big retainer fee. C.H.R.O. pretty much patronized me and my complaints.

    W.C. drs told me there was nothing wrong with my r. shoulder and allowed me to continue working for nearly 3yrs with a dislocated shoulder. In 2007, I was out of work going through complicated surgery. I decided to enroll in grad school in special education at a STATE UNIVERSITY. The university proceeded to double bill me even though they received my government loan money for the bills. I contacted a politician who I thought would help me, but my problems became much worse. The university would not place me in classrooms in order for me to complete my coursework. Long story short-I had to beg principals to allow me to go in. My GPA was a 3.9 for over 2 yrs. About to join highest honor society around March 22, 2008. I received an email from the asst. dean that was forwarded to me, actually sent to the chair of the dept, discussing how I needed to go somewhere else to finish my education, along with other personal comments made about me. That email was sent to every other staff member at the university which violates a lot of my rights. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if they are aware I received the email. I have all of the documentation. Could not finish grad school, in debt for 30,000.00, no degree.

    In 2007, the day I had my surgery, I received a document from the dept of revenue services-a STATE AGENCY telling me my identity had been compromised. 2 months later, I received the same information from a bank I had done business with years prior.

    To give you a brief background on me–my mom testified against a state agency in another state, her former employer. Many “political criminals” went to prison. My mom and I changed our names, but we have been blacklisted for the past 30 yrs or more. Sen. Kennedy did not want an investigation into our problems. The FBI did nothing to help us, infact, they gave us away, and I was kidnapped, raped and nearly beaten to death soon following the grand jury testimony.

    I don’t know if there’s any help at this point. Doesn’t appear to be any justice at all.

    Hope I’m not boring you.


  3. Crista Says:

    Dear Mr. Kreig,

    I’m really sorry if I upset you with my story. I have been looking for justice for so long! I just wanted my mom to be happy some day, to get closure-as well as me. But, now she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is like a knife in my back. It is like an insult. She is all I really have right now. Again, I apologize.


  4. Crista Says:

    Hi Mr. Kreig,

    Thank you for your response. We are hanging in there. My mom is doing pretty well, considering. I hope you get caught up on your work!


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