Tech Radio April 2 Topics: Law Firm Upgrades, Rural Fiber & New Disputes On Lobbying Rules

Advocates of new concepts in law firm efficiency and fiber deployment to rural areas engaged in a vigorous debate April 2 on My Technology Lawyer Radio.

The weekly webcast radio show that I co-host with Scott Draughon probed recent lobbying restrictions on those seeking $787 billion in federal stimulus spending. The rules announced March 20 require registered lobbyists to put in writing any advocacy to relevant government officials so that the request can be posted on the website The purpose is to keep the public informed. Funding lobbyists have been joined by several public interest groups in opposing the new rules. The public interest groups claim the rules won’t be effective because the truly powerful tend not to be registered lobbyists themselves, but to hire them. Challenges have also been raised on constitutional grounds.

A link via connects to the radio stream or archived past shows. Guests were:
• Jerry Baxley, principal at Optical Networks Inc. He is working on the deployment of a fiber and wireless network throughout Alabama, and serves also as Executive Director of the Family Law Association of Alabama.
• Geoff Daily is a technology journalist who writes a blog called and is executive director in the newly formed Rural Fiber Alliance.


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